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1. Do you offer any state of the art facility along with your expert packers and movers’ services with which we can trace the exact position of the residential and official belongings which are being shifted to a new destination?
Ans. Surely. We have got the facility called consignment tracking with which you can get to know the exact position of the residential and official belongings which are being shifted to a new destination.
2. What kind of packing quality can we expect from your office shifting service in Kolkata?
Ans. You can definitely hope that the quality of the packing would be of international standard.
3. Do you accept credit as well as debit card while catering packing and moving solutions?
Ans. Yes. We do give the option of paying through debit or credit card to our ensemble and valued clientele.
4. Are your packers and movers facilities availed on the basis of 24 and 7?
Ans. Yes. You can grab these streamlined services on the basis of 24 and 7.
5. Do you offer special features such as the survey or close scrutinizing of the items being delivered by your industrial goods relocation service?
Ans. Yes. We do offer this specialized feature but you will be required to send in a message or notice 2 or 3 days earlier.
6. Does your packers and movers entity cater car relocation solution for a comparatively long distance?
Ans. Yes. We do have the facility of out of the town long distance car shifting.
7. Does your impeccable packing and moving solution service include both loading as well as unloading options?
Ans. Yes. It does.
8. Do you use pro packing materials at the time of catering your services as household goods transporter in Kolkata?
Ans. Yes, we are meticulous about it and use clean packing materials and wrapping materials while transporting your goods.
9. How does your packing and moving service carry heavy materials?
Ans. We make it sure that we are going to dismantle the heavy materials or furniture prior to taking them for the shifting. We also put them together after reaching the destination.
10. As renowned movers and packers in Kolkata will you allow us to observe or monitor the entire process of shifting?
Ans. Yes. You can do so if you opt for it.
11. Does your movers and packers entity always indulge in binding estimate?
Ans. Yes, we do give you binding estimate provided you ask for it.
12. What would be the most ideal time for packing and moving?
Ans. It is highly advised that you should opt for winter in the first place because it is the most convenient time for shifting. It is better to avoid summer as well as the rainy season.
13. Do you give thoughts about the safety precautions for the belongings which are being shifted by your office shifting service in Kolkata?
Ans. Yes, we do give high priority to the valuable belongings of our clients and make it sure that they are being dispatched or shifted in the midst of extra safety measures.
14. Do you send courier goods in Kolkata as well as out of Kolkata?
Ans. Yes, our services include packing and moving both inside as well as outside Kolkata.
15. What are the strong facets of your office shifting service in Kolkata?
Ans. It is the well trained and highly equipped man power that we have serves as the strongest facet of our enterprise.
16. How well are the clients treated by your movers and packers service in Kolkata?
Ans. We consider our clients to be the most valued assets of our organization. Therefore, you can always expect the best of conduct from our end.
17. Can we get in touch with you any time we want?
Ans. We have got a customer care segment through which you will always be able to touch base with us.
18. In case the consumer lives in a place where there is no branch of your movers and packers service in Kolkata, what will you do?
Ans. Even if this is the situation, you would be laced with any rife or difficulty. Our shipping facilities will take care of the situation and your goods will be dispatched right on time.
19. What makes you indispensable as household goods transporters in Kolkata?
Ans. It is the ethical balance at work and a heightened level of sincerity which makes us the perfect choice for all our customers. We deliver what we promise.
20. Do your courier goods in Kolkata get delivered in containerized vehicle?
Ans. Yes, they do.
21. What kind of articles are not to be shifted through your industrial goods relocation service?
Ans. It is specifically the inflammable devices or stuffs which we do not feel inclined to carry.
22. Are pets as well as pots allowed in the list of items which need to be shifted?
Ans. Generally, pets as well as pots are not allowed in the list of items which need to be shifted.
23. What is the exact time which is required in to order to process the shifting?
Ans. Generally it is 24 hours at least.
24. Why is having an insurance essential for you prior to the shifting job?
Ans. During the process of shifting the items, they could get damaged. In such an event an insurance cover is going to save you.

25. What precise responsibilities do I/we need to perform prior to getting the items shifted by your expert packers and movers company?
Ans. You will be expected to produce documents such as the RC book as well as joining letter or transfer letter which will act in your favor.

26. How do we know that you are worth our trust?
Ans. You can check our client feedbacks and our reputation in the market prior to hiring us.
27. In case of any mishap with the goods whom can we contact?
Ans. Under any untoward situation, you can feel free to be in touch with the field officers.
28. How strong is your network?
Ans. We have a network in 1264 destinations around the world.

29. Are you equipped enough to provide international moving and packing?
Ans. As international packers and movers we are capable of international shifting for sure.
30. How good is your storage system?
Ans. We have a warehouse facility which sprawls for 2.5 m square feet which turns out to be a pretty significant storage space.
31. Is there any special change in the rules set by your international packers and movers entity?
Ans. Rules are almost the same as the national or regional shifting. However, we do have to adhere to some specific norms set by the deporting country.
32. As household goods transports do you set up or adhere to a particular pricing for the domestic shifting?
Ans. There are no cut and dry rate as such. The rates are prescribed after scrutinizing the products which are being shifted.
33. Will you be OK if asked to transport fragile equipments?
Ans. Yes we will pull the job off with flying colors.
34. How many types of packing materials are used in the process of packing and moving?
Ans. Things like thermocol, bubble sheets, polythene sheets and corrugated sheet are often used in the process of packing and moving.
35. What kind of additional stuffs are used for extra protection?
Ans. Things like wooden boxes, crates as well as CB get used in the process of packing and moving.
36. Do you offer any packing list for the courier goods in Kolkata?

Ans. Yes we do.
37. What are the main components of the packing list?
Ans. The packing list must include serial numbers, consignee name as well as destination mark.
38. What kind of containing facility should be essential for sophisticated products like sofa, bed stead, and music systems?
Ans. Stuffs like these should only be carried in wooden boxes or wooden crates.
39. As household goods transporter in Kolkata will you be empathetic with old household goods which have got intense sentimental values?
Ans. You can count on us. We will give extreme priority to these old household goods which have got great sentimental values.
40. What is that one thing without which surface moving and packing will be incomplete?
Ans. It is invariably the packing list.
41. As an office shifting service in Kolkata, are you going to make room for pre move checks or surveys?
Ans. Yes. We are going to make such arrangements but you have to inform us at least 2 weeks earlier than the move.
42. Do you take specific and precise measurements of the articles in the pre move state?
Ans. Yes. We do.
43. What would be the best way to take mirror and glass items to a new destination?
Ans. Such delicate stuffs should always be transported in crates.
44. Is it OK for the moving and packing service of yours to carry perishable food stuffs?
Ans. We would strongly advise to avoid transporting perishable food stuffs and other stuffs that might depreciate during the journey.
45. As expert packers and movers how do you coordinate and execute a move?
Ans. We focus on advance planning. Take our manpower and the stipulated time span of the moving and packing into consideration and act accordingly.
46. What kinds of vehicles are generally used in the packing and moving?
Ans. Large trucks are often used for the task of moving.
47. What is your ultimate motto?
Ans. We seek to serve clients spread across India and all over the globe.
48. How are your rates or charges?
Ans. You will find them to be reasonable and moderate.
49. Do you help in easing up claim settlement in case the goods are damaged during packing and moving?
Ans. Yes we do.
50. How do you process the unpacking part?
Ans. We proceed meticulously. We make it sure to put together all the parts that had been dismantled. We do the unpacking and also take the responsibility to clear up the debris.